Best Gluten Free Biscuits for Dunking


It’s National Biscuit Day 2017! Whenever I hear that phrase, I remember many days stuck in classes or seminars or at work where I’ve been forced to gaze longingly as fellow colleagues or friends as they tuck into a big box of all the favourites; digestives, hobnobs, bourbons, Jammie dodgers, rich teas; you name it! Unfortunately, for me, the digestives don’t digest so well, the Nice biscuits don’t treat me so nice, and I’d be left in a jam with one hell of a dodgy stomach if I mess with any jammy dodgers!

Nowadays, the gluten free biscuit market is on the up! And to celebrate, I thought we’d list some of our favourite gluten free biscuits, but as there are so many, we decided we’d have to pick a niche. We had a think about what our favourite quality in a biscuit has to be and decided it’s got to be the dunkability! There’s nothing quite like a biscuit, or two or three, dipped in a nice cup of tea, or coffee, or milk. So we’ve limited our list to just the very best dunkable ones.

1. Nairns Dark Chocolate Chip Biscuits

These yummy oaty biscuits come in a range of flavours, but these dark chocolate chip ones have to be our favourites. They contain no artificial colours or flavours, use wholegrain oats, and contain just 45 calories per biscuit. Deliciously chewy and balanced with just the right level of crunchy, their oaty texture really compliments the sweet yet slightly bitter, gooey taste of the dark chocolate chips.

Dunkability: 9/10 – We’ve rated these excellent for dunking. The held part retains it’s crunch while the dipped part goes a little gooey, with the chocolate chips melting, but there’s no losing half the biscuit in the drink. 

Available from: Ocado, TescoSainsburysHolland & BarrettWaitrose

2. Prewitts Gluten Free Chocolate digestives.

Oh my word, Prewitts seem to be the be all and end all of gluten free biscuits and cookies, with their vast mouthwatering selection. We love the gluten free digestives which are the closest we’ve found to regular chocolate digestives yet. 

Dunkability: 7/10 – These ones become softer and fall apart a wee bit quickly (although this could just be an illusion from scarfing them down a bit too quickly!), but if you just dip a little and take a bite they are perfect. Definitely recommend. 

Available from: OcadoSainsburysWaitrose

3. Prewetts Jammy Wheels.

Yes, next on our list is another favourite from Prewetts. As mentioned, they do have quite the selection! These Jammy Wheels contain all the favourite qualities I remember of the original party favourite jammy dodgers! The jam centre is sweet, sticky and slightly chewy and most importantly that sweet jammy chewiness linger between the outer layers of biscuit too (proper fans of jammy dodgers will know what I’m talking about here!)

Dunkability: 7/10 – These are pretty excellent dunkers, and one of my favourite choices for tea dunking. The biscuit goes slightly soft while the jammy centre stays chewy. 

Available from: SainsburysWaitroseTesco

4. Walkers Gluten Free Shortbread

Mm! Something about Walkers shortbread – the packaging, the taste, the comforting feeling of dipping a piece or two into an evening cuppa, reminds me of family, of trips in the mountains, and the frequent times people used to buy boxes for us as gifts when they came back from holiday. These gluten free shortbread biscuits from Walkers retain all the authentic taste, shape, texture, and flavour that makes their original brand so well-loved. 

Dunkability: 7/10 – These do melt into tea, but that’s not a bad thing at all. Personally, I love nothing more than sitting back, relaxing on the the sofa, and dunking a couple of these into some tea when it gets into those late summer evenings, edging onto Autumn… onto Winter… ok, basically all year round! 

Available from: OcadoWaitrose

5. McVities Gluten Free Milk Chocolate Hobnobs

Ah I was so overjoyed when I discovered McVities had released gluten free versions of some of my childhood faves! The gluten free original hobnobs are glorious as ever, but the chocolate hobnobs really nab top spot for me! 

Dunkability: 6/10 – They do seem to disintegrate a little quicker than I remember the regular ones ever doing, but once you’ve mastered the right dunkability-duration, their taste more than makes up for it.

Available from: TescoOcadoWaitrose

6. Kelkin Gluten free Jaffa Cakes

I’ve heard some people think it’s a crime to dip Jaffa cakes? I’m not sure why. They’re delicious. I mean, I know they’re not technically a “biscuit” but they’re staying in my top faves right here. My favourite thing to do with these little goodies is nibble the chocolate off the top, eat the sweet, sugary orange part, and dip what’s remaining into my tea or coffee. 

Dunkability: 8/10 – Pretty high. These don’t tend to break apart in my experience. The sponge soaks up some of the liquid, making the sponge almost melt in the mouth. 

Available from: TescoOcadoSainsburysWaitrose

7. Byron Bay Cookies Gluten Free White Chocolate & Macadamia Nut

Oh my word. These are literally, probably my all time favourite biscuits. Technically they are a cookie, and they are shaped very differently to your standard round biscuit, but they must have a place here because I truly believe they should pass the lips of everyone gluten free. I stumbled upon these years ago in Sainburys. They’re buttery, creamy, crunchy, and sweet but embellished with a subtle lingering saltiness.

Dunkability: – 9/10 – Dipped in tea these are just sublime. They melt just the perfect amount and dissolve on the tongue at pleasurable speed. 

Available from: Holland & BarrettOcado

8. Schar Gluten Free Bourbon Biscuits

Bourbons used to be one of my favourite biscuits as a child, and once I had to make the switch to gluten free eating, I remember the disappoint I felt when I realised I could never eat another chocolatey bourbon biscuit again! Until I discovered these grinning at me from the supermarket shelves! While not 100% Bourbon-like, they are astonishingly close and definitely provide a delicious chocolate biscuit fix. 

Dunkability: 6/10 – Dissolve a little too easily in the tea, but these are super moorish. Give them a go! 

Available from: Sainsburys, WaitroseOcado

9. Against the Grain Organic Chocolate Chip & Hazelnut Cookies

These organic cookies are some of my favourite store-bought gluten-free cookies available. They have just the right ratio of crunch to chewiness, which is helped by the contrasting textures of the melting chocolate chips and the crunchy bits of hazelnut. I’m a sucker for anything with the chocolate & hazelnut combo, so if anyone hands me a box of these I’m all smiles. 

Dunkability: 8/10 – Pretty neat! They definitely stand the dunking test of time! They dissolve slowly, with the chocolate chips becoming gooey and warm and the subtle nibs of hazelnut remaining mostly crunchy. Be warned – hands can get messy! 

Available from: Ethical SuperstoreAlternative StoresNature’s Health BoxThe Organic Supermarket

10. LoveMore O’ Choco Biscuits

If you were a fan of oreos, and miss them now you have to eat gluten free, give these a try. Although they don’t taste identical they taste remarkably similar, and frankly, just delicious in their own right. I know I know, you shouldn’t play with your food, but there’s something fun about seeing how many different ways you can bite off the different layers, and deciding whether to lick the cream off in the centre first, or eat it all in one go. 

Dunkability: 5/10 – These don’t really dunk so well, more because of their shape than anything. The biscuit tends to crumble into the drink and it all just gets a bit… awkward. That said, as with basically all of the biscuits mentioned, the taste factor well and truly makes up for it. Definitely worth a dunk!

Available from: Holland & BarrettOcadoWaitroseGlebe Farm Foods

So there you have it! Our top ten dunkable gluten-free biscuits! The dunking rating is definitely note equated to the taste rating of any of these. All taste sensational and are favourites of ours so if you’re a biscuit lover, we recommend them all! 

We Want to Hear From You!

What are your favourite gluten free biscuits you’ve found? Which biscuits do you miss most since going gluten free? What biscuits do you want to see more of in the gluten free world? Do you have any favourite gluten free biscuit recipes? 

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